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Remember when Lady Gaga said she was going to perform in outer space back in 2015? Yeah, that never happened, did it? But you know what is happening? A hot air balloon event in Hialeah that’s so Miami, even the DJs are spinning from the sky.

It’s a first of its kind for Florida. Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah is getting lit up.

Richard Garbie: “Glow in the Park is a hot air balloon glow.”

Now through Sunday, but Glow in the Park has the most Miami twist imaginable: DJs will be spinning from the balloons, in the air.

DJ Jorge Santana: “Bueno, I’ve DJ’d for 36 years. I’ve DJed in a bus, in a club, internationally, but I’ve never DJed in a hot air balloon.”

O my God. No way, me neither. What a coincidence.

DJ Jorge Santana: “And that’s cool.”

very cool

DJ Africa: “First time in Miami, and it’s an honor for me to be here tonight, and we’re going to do it for everybody. I mean, here in Hialeah Park, especially.”

This isn’t, like, pretend. See those turntables?

DJ Luxx: “Playing music, emceeing, talking on a mic, doing the things that we do in venues, clubs here in Miami.”

As if that weren’t enough of a spectacle…

Richard Garbie: “With a laser show at 9 o’clock every evening.”

And weather permitting…

Richard Garbie: “Tethered rides for the guests.”

Translation: you get to go up, too!

Little girl: “Really fun to ride the hot air balloon ride.”

And, hey, that famous Re/Max balloon is cool and all, don’t get me wrong, but they’ve got a Tweety.

Richard Garbie: “Cartoon character balloons, so Tom and Jerry, Tweety and Sylvester.”

Side note: I want to be friends with this lady.

Richard Garbie: “So, yeah, it’s like a combination of different balloons, different shapes, different sizes.”

And based on what we’re hearing, one consensus.

Woman with highlights: “The event is super amazing. We had a great time, the balloons are gorgeous!”

Little girl: “The fire show was great, the music.”

Oh, that’s my song!

Poncho: “It’s a great place to share some time with the family!”

OK, this one, too, but Bad Bunny, like, quiet down! I can’t even hear poncho.

Poncho: “This is an event that not usually happens in Miami.”

Helen Hernandez: “The drinks, the atmosphere, it was super cool, I really like it.”

I mean, look at this Chihuahua — is that a Chihuahua? — happy as can be.

Rami Talhami: “There’s all kind of food, milkshakes — you name it, they have it.”

Richard Garbie: “Great food trucks, vendors, bounce houses for the kids.”

Tickets for adults start at $25, kids at $5, and general parking is $20. Rides are at an extra charge.

Glow in the Park runs through Sunday, and we’ve got free tickets for you to check it out. Just email your name and phone number to [email protected].

Glow in the Park Miami
Amelia Earhart Park
401 E 65th St.
Hialeah, FL 33013

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